Krewella's Jahan Says You'll "Definitely Be Wet By the End" of Their New Album

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Jahan's the one one in the hipster-nerd glasses.

There is no effing way you haven't heard of Krewella by now. Maybe you were ignorant this time last year, but not now. Their song "Alive" is inescapable, and even in February, they had the doors of Club Cinema on lockdown as literal hoards of hopeful ravers stood around chanting to get wet.

Six months ago, we spoke with Yasmine Yousaf, but this time around, we caught up with her sister Jahan to get the skinny on their new album Get Wet, which they just wrapped up, their sick stage production, the Volcano, debuting in September, the new joints they'll be dropping at Revolution Live, and why they're sick of hearing "Alive" already.

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New Times: You guys were gaining a lot of steam when I talked to your sister a few months back, and since you came out with "Killin It" you've been gaining in popularity, but it seems right now it's reached a new level of insanity. I hear "Alive" everywhere, from DJ sets to car stereos to shopping malls.

Jahan: The crazy part is we actually haven't had a release since December of 2012. Everything that's been happening since then has just been our network of fans growing and spreading the word on their own, without us really pushing any more content or media. We came out with an "Alive" music video, but that was it. It's really cool to see this is all in the hands of our own fans, whatever growth has happened. Then obviously, the support from radio DJs which has given us so much exposure.

How does it feel to be walking around somewhere and hear your own song come on?

Oh, God, it's so funny. I was at dinner with Chris, Rainman, the other member of our group, we were at dinner yesterday with our tour manager. We were in Canada, so there was a bunch of radio records we haven't heard before sprinkled in with a couple American records and then all of a sudden "Alive" comes on and we had to get up.

Chris just gets so annoyed when he hears it now, it's so weird. He got so frustrated he was like, "guys, this is our cue to go, whenever you hear 'Alive' in a restaurant." It was in such a random area of Edmonton, Canada, we never expected it to play there. It's cool. We've only heard it on the radio a couple times ourselves. Most of the time, whatever play it's getting, we hear about it from fans or our friends texting us and telling us about how they heard it on the radio or at a sports game.

I could believe this hype is coming from fan generated interest. At the last show at Club Cinema, it was really crazy. I went to cover it, and so many people showed up at the door they had to stop them from letting anyone else in or out. People were outside chanting. It was insane.

That's so cool, I love to hear that. That was such a crazy show. We heard a lot of weird stories afterward, too. Florida is always one of those states, I've noticed, whenever we play there, out of all the states in the U.S., no matter where we go in Florida, kids go crazy. They get down to every type of music. We haven't been partying that much because we've been recording our album. Yasmine and I have been very healthy on the road, but Florida is one of those places where I can't resist temptation for some reason.

What do you think it is that makes your fans so loyal?

I think part of the loyalty comes from not only this love for our music or songs, but we have a theory with our group, we have a story behind us, we have personalities. We're not just a DJ. We provide more than just songs; we're performers. On our Fall tour, we're doing a hybrid live-DJ show. We're not just behind the booth, we're actually going to come up from behind the booth and perform. We touch all different senses. It's not just music; it's visual, it's the content, the media, personality, I think it's that same feeling people get when they like a band, like an actual rock band or pop punk band.

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