Hip-Hop Producer Numonics: "I Haven't Had to Whore Myself Out"

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Hip-hop ain't dead. It lives in the South, which is why producer Numonics' beats find their way onto albums by MCs from the North, the West, and especially from his home base of Fort Lauderdale.

Between recording, mixing, mastering, videos, and multiple releases this year, he found time to talk about his process, how he's made his name, and what he's got coming up.

Wassup, man? You got a minute for an interview?
Yeah, I'm just in the studio right now, but...

Who you got in there?
I'm working with a part of Blessed Nation just doing an EP.

Is that an everyday thing for you, working in the studio?

I'm doing music daily, that's for sure.

What else you got on deck?
New albums with Sin, Brown Bag Allstars, Planet Asia, Reks, and some other instrumental projects.

Putting in work...
I try to stay consistent. I know that's the key.

You recently released a new album with Saheed; what was your role?
I did all the production, mixed, and mastered it.

How long you been working with him?
Since Being Cool Don't Pay the Bills.

What was that about?
It's like, you can get accolades, but that don't necessarily convert to monetary gain. The people that are really winning right now should be better artists.

Where does that put you?

I'm straight, always progressing. I can't complain. From where I started to now, I'm very satisfied.

What was the process like for this new Saheed album?

We came up with all the songs together. He didn't just hear some beats on a CD and write to 'em. I made the beat for "Not For Nothing" with him on the spot in about half an hour, including drums, guitar, and bass, and then he did the lyrics. A lot of it was done that way, and you can hear it in that cohesive sound.

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