Top Ten Non-Comic Book Related Attractions at Florida Supercon

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Christina Mendenhall

Last comic book convention I attended was just that: a comic book convention. A small room in a hotel filled with dealers of rare and not so rare comics with maybe one table dedicated to baseball cards. One artist would be there to sign copies of comic books, and maybe if you asked nicely, he would draw an original sketch for you.

But comic books have blown up so big that actual comic books were hard to find at this past weekend's Florida Supercon. Merchants of comics and talented professionals were present in the massive two story complex housing this year's show, but they are a challenge to find nestled amongst sellers of swords, copies of movies on VHS, and the booth featuring former porn star Traci Lords.

So we present to you, the top ten non-comic book related attractions we spotted at 2013's Florida Supercon.

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Christina Mendenhall

10. Toys
Why did I ever open my Chanukah presents? That unopened Luke Skywalker toy is now selling for over a hundred bucks. The opened He-Man action figures in decent condition are selling for twenty each. Then there are the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind toys like the homemade Q-Bert diorama. Toys are big at Supercon.

Christina Mendenhall

9. Pinball
One of the great surprises at the convention was you could play unlimited games at the Addams Family or AC/DC pinball machines. They even had those stand alone arcade games where you could blister your hand on a joystick trying to get past level 15 in Gauntlet or vie for the high score on Zaxxon.

Christina Mendenhall

8. B Movie Stars
OK, Kevin Smith I can see having fans. George Takei who played Sulu in the original Star Trek, I get, but who could imagine the voice actors of Pokemon having lines around the room to pay $30 for their autograph. It did make me sad seeing the out of work actors sitting at their booth smiling and waiting patiently hoping someone would fork over $40 for a signed head sheet of theirs. Even sadder, Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon was supposed to be present but passed away a week earlier.

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