Top Ten Non-Comic Book Related Attractions at Florida Supercon

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Christina Mendenhall

4. Fashion Tips
If you are not familiar with the term cosplay, short for costume play, this was your first Supercon. Dr. Doom was there, a six foot woman in green paint could only be the She-Hulk, countless Supermen of the obese varieties, as well as obscure characters who you needed a program guide to recognize, but still had impressively detailed costumes.

There were workshops teaching you how to properly design a costume and "medics" to help repair your garb. And if you were feeling naughty and were over 18, you could watch Cupcake Burlesque as they portrayed titillating animated characters.

Christina Mendenhall

3. Art
If the Renaissance masters were inspired by the stories of the Bible and the aristocracy, today's artists' muses are Captain America and Darth Vader. Throughout the convention, there were prints, posters, and clothing by artists celebrating pop culture. Local artists like Eric Bonhomme had work celebrating Akira Kurosawa movies. Attack the Planet featured woodcuts by Brian Reedy and ironic political prints by Peter Santa-Maria.

Christina Mendenhall

2. Video Games
This was the mother load. Not only could you buy old Nintendo cartridges for 5 bucks a pop, but they had a zillion TVs set up where you could play old Nintendo and Sega Genesis games. It took a while to remember what the b button did for Rad Racer, but playing a video game you once knew even twenty five years later is like riding a bike.

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