Top Ten Non-Comic Book Related Attractions at Florida Supercon

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Christina Mendenhall

7. Wrestling
Not only were Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter in attendance, but Friday night, there was live wrestling onsite. First you could watch Spider-man fight Sandman. Then came a twelve man tag team bout between Super Mario, Luigi, King Hippo, and other Nintendo characters wrestling the Power Rangers.

Christina Mendenhall

6. Dating Advice
The last comic book convention I went to had six women in attendance and five of them were moms. At 2013 Florida Supercon, the ratio was closer to 50-50 male/female, and Yo Jeff's Hip-Hop Dating Academy held a workshop teaching attendees how to "get that booty."

Christina Mendenhall
5. Rock 'n' roll
Green Jelly and nerd culture savant MC Frontalot were probably the biggest names, but there was a Florida Supercon Music Festival with over fifty acts in attendance over the four days. Local bands like Astari Nite and Falseta took to the stage. And for night owls, there was a Friday night rave with DJ Marvelous Kendall.

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