Disney Actresses Who Ditched the Good Girl Image to Rise to Pop Stardom


To break free from the inevitable squeaky-clean image of a Disney star is a difficult task. It seems that the only options for child stars are to either get stuck with the same corny roles like the once adorbs Raven-Symone or have a total crackhead breakdown like LiLo or Amanda Bynes.

There are few Disney actresses who actually managed to hold on to their sanity and continue on to find success, mostly in the world of music. Not only did these ladies keep acting and singing but they also ditched their good-girl personaes to build actual career paths.

No longer are the following actresses innocent jits; they're edgy, versatile, young women who evaded the Disney curse to take over and rule pop music.

Demi Lovato - Sonny with a Chance
While Demi Lovato may have had her short period of instability while recovering in rehab from personal issues like bulimia and cutting, she made a commendable recovery.

The 21-year-old's Disney past is far behind her, and her struggles actually worked in her favor. Before her "dark" period and before officially leaving Disney, she established a singing career with hard-edged pop-rock songs like "Don't Forget." After recovering from rehab, the album, Unbroken, peaked at number four on the Billboard 200.

Nowadays, it's hard to believe that Lovato was ever associated with Disney. She's a judge on X-Factor, and her single "Heart Attack" went platinum in ten weeks. She also just announced a partnership with Cast Recover, a mental health org, in honor of her late father, who also suffered from psychological afflictions. Not too bad for a girl who appeared on Barney & Friends.

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