Big Gigantic Keeps "Making Music and Having a Good Time"

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Since forming in 2009, Big Gigantic has become just that: big and gigantic.

The duo creates a unique type of EDM that includes live drums and sax and has captivated the scene since its inception. The men behind Big Gigantic, producer and saxophonist Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken, have been working nonstop to preserve their momentum. From constant touring, playing the festival circuit, frequent album releases, and even managing to squeeze in some remixes, they're an unstoppable musical force. Lalli set aside a few minutes to chat with New Times about the Mad Decent Block Party taking place August 3 at Revolution Live, playing with the String Cheese Incident, and their ethos on releasing free albums.

New Times: You guys are playing sporadically for the next month or so until the Mad Decent Block Party down here. Are you just taking a needed break between heavy touring, or are you guys hard at work on writing songs and recording?
Dominic Lalli: Generally, what happens in most bands' touring schedule is you do like a spring tour or a fall tour, like an actual big tour where you're out on a bus and doing all that kind of stuff. And in the summertime, it's usually festivals and one-offs like that. So we're kind of doing what we always do in the summer and playing fests and stuff. But at the same time, I think we're keeping a little lighter than last summer, not playing every weekend and such. Because we're working on a new album in the studio right now. It just takes time, so unfortunately [laughs], unfortunately, fortunately, we have to take time to do that.

Big Gigantic started as a project between friends to try and create the music you wanted to make, and now you are a national act, and it really only happened in the span of a few years, from opening in small venues to being a main draw at festivals. Is it something you expected to happen, especially as fast as it did, and how has this experience been for you?
Yeah, we didn't expect this. We had no idea. We just came in and, like you said, do what we do and have fun with it. I'm completely blown away with and super thankful to have had the support we have had along the way. It's just so cool to have been able to start something, to really see the vision and have it work out.

In terms of it changing it us, it's interesting. Because all this stuff happens, and you'd think there'd be a lot of change. We're obviously a lot busier now, but you stay relatively the same. We're just trying to do the same things we're always doing, and it's making music and having a good time. We're doing that, and it feels like yesterday since it all happened. It's exciting, and we don't want to take it for granted. We're working real hard, and we're real excited about getting this new album out, a new chapter for Big Gigantic.

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