ArtServe's RedEYE Brought Art to Life and Life to Art

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Christina Mendenhall
As a victim of its own popularity, ArtServe's alt exhibition RedEYE sent the public to park their vehicles at Parker Playhouse's field next door. This meant patrons had to take a half mile jaunt through fields, parks, and parking lots to get to the visual assault that they were so anticipating. Google warned: This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths. It wasn't kidding.

Once we made it to RedEYE, what lay inside made hoofin' it worth it. The rooms housed installations, an eclectic mix of pierced, tattooed twenty-somethings and very, very confused seniors. A non-traditional art exhibition, RedEYE represents a new way of experiencing art. These days, it's not always enough to just walk into a room and see a thoughtful creation, we want to be surrounded by art, have it stimulate all our senses. This is what RedEYE managed to do skillfully. Here are a few scenes we stole from our day of gazing at living art.

Christina Mendenhall
Tagging to Toiling
Spray painting local hero Abstrk toiled away in the humidity to create a beautiful piece of black and white artwork with his cans of paint. He explained that he likes the medium because he was a tagger in his potentially misspent youth.

"I started as a tagger, but now it's more," he said. "I mix traditional art techniques with what I do." His preteen progeny, Angel and Bianca were by his side, picking up cans and helping with his work. "I don't want to go inside, you said I could paint," Bianca complained to him.

Christina Mendenhall
Body as Canvas
Donning little more than ruffled bloomers and pasties, a model in a Nightmare before Christmas-inspired wig was turned into a live, movable canvas.

"It's moving art, when I'm done she'll be able to move around, not hang on a wall," said artist and owner of Wicked Apple Art, Pam Trent. There's nothing like a portrait of Jack and Sally on naked boobs.

Trent introduced her model as her daughter Abby. Turns out, painting skin's a family affair. "She gave me my first set of paints," Abby said.

Also decorating skin was Lori Cataldo from Henna Eden. She was hard to miss in her monster pin up inspired dress and with bright magenta and red hair atop her head, complete with a bow. She's the mix of edge and art this event embodied. She hennas Sugar Skull pieces like garters and pistols in lace. "I love the flowers and traditional henna, but I fuse it with modern elements," she said. Her current client Ashley was getting a fingerless fishnet glove.

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