New EDM Day Dance Party at McSorley's Motto Is: "F*&k Monday, Spank Sunday"

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Alex Markow
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"We wanted something cheeky," says Ed Whitty, a bearded, reflective shades-wearing Irishman from behind the decks this past Sunday at the launch of Spank Sundays. "F**k Monday. Spank Sunday," reads their slogan.

The rooftop dance party at McSorley's newly-renovated and re-branded Tonic Sundeck adds an eclectic, open-format mix of high-energy techno and tech house music to the otherwise blasé rotation of Top 40 tunes dominating Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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"In our humble opinions, too many DJs are only concerned with getting famous, being some sort of rock star. We're doing something different -- we just want to play the music we love and for everyone to come out and have a great time," says Whitty.

Neither Whitty, nor his Spank partner Gabriel Ben, hail from South Florida, but both have been hustling in the scene long enough to know it could benefit from some new life and a fresh perspective. That's why, rather than booking several DJs and squeezing 25 different names onto one bill, the duo are focusing on promoting the party's brand: A no-nonsense, no cover charge, no dress code, "back to basics" music event with cheap drinks and an amazing view of A1A and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

"If you think it's nice now, just wait 'til the sun goes down," says Ben, who agrees the venue was the perfect fit for their new Sunday dance party. The DJ booth is nestled in the corner under a big umbrella, with the expansive blues of the Atlantic and clear skies as the backdrop to the beats.

Originally from Philadelphia, Ben has traveled the world DJing, but has lately taken a break from the circuit to focus on his techno and tech house productions. He linked up with Whitty, who is longtime friends of the McSorley's owners and has also worked at downtown Fort Lauderdale's alternative music staple, the PoorHouse. Together, they came up with the idea for the Spank party, with good vibes, good people, good music as its guiding principles.

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McSorley's Beach Pub

837 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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For the record, the photo shown in this article was taken from a party months back when the Techno Beach/ T.E.S.S. crew FIRST started doing Sunday rooftop (TECHNO/HOUSE) "dance" parties at this venue- with KILLER headliners. None of the folks in this photo have any connection to the new promoters nor have they attended any of these "new dance" parties. I do, wholeheartedly, wish you guys (the new promoters) the absolute best of luck- cheers to the music! The way this article is written, though, really doesn't entice me to wanna check out this new-something-"different" @ McSorley's cuz at the end of the day it's not- it's been done! The author could have used some original wording. What really grinds my gears is that New Times resorted to reusing another crew's party photos (why not use Spank Sundays' party photos or something more recent of the venue?). Just makes ya wonder.... 

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