Radar Vs. Wolf's Tom Gorrio on Pride, Travel, and Lomo Saltado

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Radars and Wolves; fighting and collaborating
South Florida's indie rock scene owes a large debt to Tom Gorrio. Now living in Nashville and soldiering on with the like-minded, albeit inwardly competitive musicians of Radar Vs. Wolf; Gorrio is better known down here for his work in Call it Radar and Baby Calendar.

Always a restless and travelling soul, we recently had a chance to catch up with him in anticipation and now celebration of their latest album Radarvswolf. In this conclusion Gorrio discusses his pride and one of Peru's finest dishes, lomo saltado.

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New Times: So you guys are all living in Nashville now; what is the immediate response, you being Peruvian going from a Miami/Peru situation to California and then through Nashville as a musician? What were your inclinations and proclivities?
Tom Gorrio:Traveling and getting to know other cultures is one of the perks of being a musician that can just up and move whenever they desire. Although it's no steady income and you're always on your toes for how you're going to stay afloat, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Aside from your varied musical upbringing, what have you learned along the way that has influenced your sound?
I've learned that it's OK to keep things relatively simple when writing. I tend to write songs that sound like ten songs in one because of my pride for catchy "parts." But now, I feel like I can trim the fat and get right to the point with strong chord changes, melodies, and lyrics that are more focused and interesting, instead of being all scattered and self-indulgent about it.

At the Nomad Bar, SXSW 2011

Given how mainstream media devotes most of its energies to trivial things, what do you feel the role of independent music within the consciousness of America is like?
Easy! Everybody love everybody!

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