Prancercise Gets Seniors Galloping at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (VIDEO)

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Monica McGivern
Want to see a threesome dressed like Prancercise master Joanna Rohrback doing a coordinated gallop onstage? Maybe hear a few words about "rhythmic movement" directly from the horse's mouth? Or perhaps see how to workout pony-style, while wielding a cane?

Trust us, you definitely do.

Tuesday evening, a bevy of casino freaks, kitsch fanatics, exaggerated toe-tappers, and Richard Simmons fans all gathered to do their best Prancercise moves at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. They flailed, they sauntered, they moved like stallions, all for a good laugh and a bit of cash. We caught their moves and the Princess of Prance on this video. Let it inspire.

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Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

5550 NW 40th St., Coconut Creek, FL

Category: Music

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This lady and her moves will be bigger than Psy I guarantee!

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