Top Five Things That Make New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg a Hipster

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Check out that do-rag!

With over twenty five years in the biz, New Kids on the Block are still thrusting their hips at screaming fans -- also twenty five years older -- and "Hangin' Tough" on their latest Package Tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men (also still thrusting their hips). They're bringing their alluring vocals and hot moves to the BB&T Center on June 22.

Every teeny bopper in the '80s and '90s had a favorite New Kid. If you were on the younger end of such a boy band phenomena, Joey was your boy of choice. If you were inclined to fancy the shy and quiet type, you might have found it in Jonathan. On the hunt for muscles and a sweet singing voice? Danny was your boy. For the outgoing gal who probably also fell for Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter, there was Jordan.

But if you needed a bandanna wearing, rapper bad boy, then Donnie Wahlberg was your pick of the litter. The fashionable badass of the bunch has managed to keep his tough guy image and also become quite hip in the meantime. Here's a short list of the top five things that might just turn Wahlberg's tough guy thing into a hipster thing.

5. He named the band.
Shortly after deciding to put a group of young men together for the sake of harmony, Maurice Starr set out to find the perfect players.

After reviewing a selection of auditions, Starr made no hesitation on Donnie. This made Wahlberg the very first member of NKOTB. It is reported that Donnie's rapping skills and image were what caught Starr's attention. Not only was Donnie the first member of the band, but also wrote a rap song for their first record. The group went from the moniker Nynuk to New Kids on the Block, after the song's title.

4. He hated Piers Morgan before it was cool.
After a few snide remarks, the Boston bad boy had to be led away from Morgan during a press conference. As Morgan reports, "I wrote a few less than complimentary observations about New Kids during their lengthy, chaotic British tour," which apparently sent Wahlberg into a tizzy. The issue was a simple one of respect, of which Wahlberg reports, Morgan had none.

Not long after that Wahlberg appeared on stage with a homemade T-shirt that read, "Piers Morgan Sucks." Again, a man way ahead of his time.

Donnie at the opening of Wahlburgers.

3. One word: "Wahlburgers"
Nothing is as hip as burgers these days. Believe it. What the niche food industry has done, if nothing else, is over comodify a hamburger. How else do you nab a conscious consumer than using locally purveyed meat and ingredients to make something like Donnie's "Thanksgiving burger?"

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Donnie didn't meet that fan at a bar - she was at an official after party on The Package Tour. After parties in each city on the tour are hosted by Donnie, and attended by other New Kids, sometimes Boyz II Men, etc.

I only mention it because I think that makes his kindness even more notable. It's not like he was out for the night and stopped to take a pic with one fan. He was at the end of about six hours of meet&greets and performance, navigating a party with hundreds of fans who wanted time with him. The fact that he didn't just move on from her, but took her pic himself and then tweeted it to her, is remarkable.

It's what we Blockheads have come to expect from him, but I'm glad you mentioned it. :)

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