New Times Interviews Mountain Goats' John Darnielle via Twitter

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John Darnielle, the driving force behind the Mountain Goats' longevity, is a hard man to track down.

With the band touring seemingly nonstop through the duration of the summer in North America and heading over seas in October, it's easy to imagine that free time doesn't always come so freely. Still, when the opportunity arises to interview such a notable act, New Times will always jump at the chance, and never halfheartedly. Even if that opportunity to communicate arises on Twitter.

We sent a solemn and defeated tweet out into the universe about how the Mountain Goats didn't get a chance to respond to our interview questions, but never expected such a busy dude as Darnielle to see it. Alas, we learned to never underestimate the power of the tweet! Here is our 140 character a question Twitter interview about vegan eating on the road and songs about Florida with the Mountain Goats' frontman.

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