Marilyn Manson and Gucci Mane, and Ten Other Weirdest Musical Collaborations of All Time

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Not only did Harmony Korine's new movie Spring Breakers give us the unholy image of James Franco in cornrows, it also inspired one of modern music's strangest team-ups, a song called "Fancy Bitch" composed by Gucci Mane and Marilyn Manson. Says Mr. Mane in a Fader magazine interview, "We got the dopest record in the world, me and Marilyn. Me and him got one of the craziest records ever made. We made it whatever day Spring Breakers came out in Cali. He came to the sneak premiere, and after we did the red carpet and watched the movie, me and him went to the studio and made us a record."

In the spirit of these strange bedfellows we bring to you in descending order of strangeness, ten of the weirdest musical collaborations.

10. Bing Crosby & David Bowie - "Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy"
At this point it just looks like two old white dudes singing a Christmas carol. But when it was recorded in 1977, it was a drug abusing, androgynous alien singing with the embodiment of wholesome entertainment.

9. Celine Dion & R. Kelly - "I'm Your Angel"
When it hit the top of the charts in 1998, this combo might not have seemed so strange, but now we can't figure out how Celine could be cast for Trapped in the Closet.

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