Ghost Owl's Adam Perry on the Jam Scene, It "Felt Like You Were There with Everybody"

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It's been about three months since Adam Perry, Matt McDonald, and Albert Suttle formed Ghost Owl. Immediately coming together after the dissolution of their former band, Perpetual Groove (P-Groove), these guys have been working non-stop, writing, practicing and touring.

Ghost Owl is diving into a more EDM-influenced sound that further explores something that they merely touched upon with their former band. Not just content with changing their sound, they also launched an innovative Kickstarter campaign to fund the project in many unique ways.

Ghost Owl will be making their anticipated South Florida debut at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton. New Times had the opportunity to speak with Adam Perry (Keyboards, Synths, and Bass) about the progress they're making as band, upcoming innovative ideas to bring fans into the mix, and what they're going to be up while in Florida.

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New Times: Ghost owl has pretty much been up and running at full speed for the past couple of months. Your Kickstarter gotten a tremendous response, you've announced a new album for the fall, and been touring pretty heavily. How's everything going for you guys at the moment?

Adam Perry: It's going good. We are making new fans every night, and that's all we can really ask for. We've had a lot of different people coming in, some that are P-Groove fans some that aren't. Some that didn't like P-Groove but like Ghost Owl, and some P-Groove fans who don't like Ghost Owl.

It's been an interesting couple of months, but overall it's been a really positive start to everything. You know, we're playing Catskill Chills in September, and I was thinking, "Oh, that's three months from now... What was I doing three months ago from today?" And I realized we hadn't even played out first show yet! (Laughs) So, you know, it kind of put everything into perspective on how quickly everything's happening. It feels like we've been doing it a lot longer than we have been. But it's been a lot of fun.

We're finally doing something a little different, and by no means do I mean that as a slight on P-Groove, but when you do the same thing, play the same songs for 12 or 13 years, for the most part, there's part of you as an artist that makes you want create something different. It was scary to jump into at first, but it feels like a comfortable pair of jeans right now.

That's great to hear! How supportive have fans of P-Groove been in regards to showing up to shows and supporting Ghost owl?

Over all they've been great, man. Everyone has given it a fair shake, that's all we'd ever ask. Like I said, it's for some, and it's not for some, and that's completely understandable. We're pretty realistic people, it's just how it is. Some people are going to dig it, some aren't. We're not offended when people aren't into to it. We're tickled pink when they do get into it. It's all about keeping your perspective correct and on course. You don't want to go in with anything but a positive attitude and to expect the best.

Ghost Owl will be making its South Florida debut on July 5, at the Funky Biscuit. As P-Groove, you guys came down to South Florida a lot and played a ton of two-night shows at the Culture Room. What is it about South Florida that keeps you guys coming back and seems to usually get the best out of you guys?

Man, I think it's that the people we've come to know over the years down there have become close friends, and anytime you're in an environment with a large amount of your close friends, it puts you in a certain level of relaxation that lets you perform the way you want to. You're comfortable; you're relaxed, which in turn leads to great shows.

At least in my opinion, some of my favorite P-Groove moments were on that stage at the Culture Room. In fact, one of my all-time favorite shows ever was at the Culture Room, a December show a couple of years ago. I look forward to going down there, and I like the beach too, that always puts me in a good mood, especially when I know we're down for an extended stay.

We're going to be going to a buddy's studio, do a live webcast of our show. Just have some fun, go to the beach, and work on a little music. We just want to soak up a little bit of Florida and relax before we have to head back to Georgia, because as soon as we get back, we're going into the studio. Things are starting to amp up here, I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm really looking forward to the new album.

Me too, honestly. I really like the direction you guys are going with this band.

Thanks, man. I've got to be honest with you; we're going to be debuting three new tunes here coming into this Florida run. Probably the best three we've done, so I'm really looking forward to playing them on this run.

As for the album, we have a ton of material to pull from, so we're going to try to record most, if not all of it so we can kinda of piece together a good flow for the album. We're working with one of our old time friends who used to be a P-Groove soundman back in the day, and he's a wizard in the studio. We always wanted to do an album with him then, but it never panned out for whatever reason. He's going to produce and engineer our album which puts us in a comfort zone for that. So, exciting things are happening, we're excited about the next couple months.

Like I said before, your Kickstarter campaign was a huge success, and very unique in many ways. The main themes that stick out to me, is the whole "Lessons" idea. That if we are open enough and accepting, we can learn something new from anywhere. It spawned a whole series of interviews with extremely creative people giving words of advice and inspiration. How'd this idea come about?

Well, it came about when we sat down, and Matt kind of had the lead on the Kickstarter campaign. We talked about instead of coming out and saying "Hey we need some money to tour the U.S." We wanted to do something that was more than that. We've been through a lot, the three of us, in the years leading up to this. We've learned a lot from the people in our lives, so we figured that we can still learn. Just because we went through some times, it doesn't mean the learning is over.

Maybe we can kinda learn in a different aspect, as far as positive learning and collaborations with other artists, and other people who spend their lives creating. Because creative thought crosses all platforms -- be it novelists, painters, lighting designers. The core of creation comes from the same place, we figured if everyone can come together and share these ideas on where the creation comes from in a different art form, it leads to a bigger understanding on how the creative process works, and how to enhance your own personal process.

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