FLOAT Pool Party Brings DJ Epps, Pelvic Thrust to Massive Weston Mansion

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Alex Markow

Remember that crazy Pinky Up pool party that took over a massive Weston mansion last month? Hosted by the guys of Pelvic Thrust, with two pool slides, seven waterfalls, a Hugh Hefner-style grotto, huge animal statues, and intense dance sounds? There was no hope for you. Waterlogged and sun stroked, you loved it. And you remember being there and loving it, if nothing else.

The party's back tomorrow, bringing absolute insanity to the quiet expanses of family properties in Western Broward County. This time though, hosted by SVVIM, the party is called FLOAT. Alongside Pelvic Thrust's Negro Fino, Thizz, and Don Redfox, Alejandro Sab will bring SoBe to the place, while Tyson t.k.Lo and Alex Markow blow out the guest house.

Most notably though, the one and only DJ Epps will be spinning hip-hop on the patio of this, Ali Jaffer's outstanding crib. "My friend Primo knows Epps," Jaffer explains, "and showed him the invite. He was interested in coming out. We thought it would be awesome to have a DJ like him."

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Alex Markow

Jaffer is a BroCo native who attended UM, and his place is the party place. The 23,000 square foot mansion sits on five acres of land and the pool alone takes up a mind-blowing 3,000 square feet. They are currently building a full indoor basketball court with college specs to make it the largest house in Broward. His neighbors include the owner of the Florida Panthers and YMCMB Birdman's brother Slim; Dan Marino's old house is in the hood too.

Alex Markow

We had to ask, why bring people to your place like this? "We love having parties and people over," Jaffer said, "We wanna enjoy with everyone."

Besides the Pinky Up festivities, party promoter, Big Cups' Kraig Knight hosted his multi-city party in this huge backyard. This time, Jaffer says, "I wanted different DJs and vibes. I like connecting and mixing different crowds together." So to add to the Wynwood-flavored house bangers of Pelvic Thrust, Epps' seriously dope hip-hop will likely have even more folks twerking it into the grotto.

With free booze, beer, burgers, and a byob mentality for only 15 bones, there will be mad booties and bikinis dropping to the pool deck. To get you ready for the show, here are a few of Jaffer's favorite pool party jams.

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