FLOAT Cracked the Code on Creating the Perfect Pool Party at a Weston Mansion (PHOTOS)

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Liz Tracy

Before this, all we expected from an afternoon in a stranger's backyard is maybe a hot dog and beer, but, these guys warped our idea of a pool party. Especially because the soundtrack to our swim was incredibly. Epps took all the radio regulars and claimed them as his own. The second Alejandro Sab started spinning, ears perked and people stared, wishing they were drunk enough yet to dance.

And people kept coming out late into the evening. They came until they had to stop letting them come in. Like folks got turned away from a pool party in freaking Weston! Any way you look at it, the day was a well-run, not-sloppy, success, and we're looking forward to more parties that feel like private concerts at the Jaffer house.

Liz Tracy

Liz Tracy

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Congratulations on taking one singularly interesting photo. No seriously, the only interesting picture is the drunk guy sitting in a tube on top of a stuffed pony. 

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