FLOAT Cracked the Code on Creating the Perfect Pool Party at a Weston Mansion (PHOTOS)

Liz Tracy

Though the dancing got off to a slow start, by sundown, everyone was working off those free hamburgers they guzzled in the sun. People were showing skin and posing for pictures. Sounds a little grimy? Surprisingly, it wasn't. It was just simple fun.

Liz Tracy

Liz Tracy

A group of muscley young dudes took to playing soccer in the field between the main house, the VIP area -- which is actually Ali Jaffer's crib -- and the pool. Jaffer was letting a select few chill in his private corner of this world. A bouncer prevented most from entering, but inside, there was a mural made by 2 Square of Muhammad Ali and a tiger, a remnant of parties past. The rest will remain a mystery to y'all, but suffice it to say, it was pretty chill.

Liz Tracy

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Congratulations on taking one singularly interesting photo. No seriously, the only interesting picture is the drunk guy sitting in a tube on top of a stuffed pony. 

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