DJ Craze: "Everybody's Looking for the Next New Thing, Faster and Faster"

In Miami, DJs are a dime a dozen. For better or for (usually) worse, anyone with a laptop and a Facebook profile can potentially jump on deck and take over the party.

Fortunately, in the land of eternally thumping bass, a few real DJ talents emerged. Perhaps the most decorated, and genuinely cool, of those few is six-time DMC champion, DJ Craze. The Miami native has even been recognized by Time as America's Best DJ.

While Craze is certainly no newcomer to the game, the world-renowned scratch DJ, producer, and label head hasn't shown any sign of slowing down. With a residency at Mansion, a monthly party at the Garret to showcase his label Slow Roast, and a whole slew of projects in the works, it's safe to say we can continue to expect great things from this homegrown superstar.

Tonight, Craze will make a rare trek up to Lake Worth, where he'll throw down a solid set for the bassheads at the Speakeasy Lounge's dubstep night, Proper Dosage. To help get us pumped up for the party, the turntable master took a moment with New Times to talk about his new Slow Roast party, what kind of set we can expect at Proper Dosage, and why music will never die.

New Times: You've just started up your monthly Slow Roast party at Grand Central's the Garret. Considering the open format and freedom you've been given to showcase your label, how would you say the night fared?
DJ Craze: I think the opening night went well. Me, Louie, and the crew were extremely happy that we got to play exactly what we wanted from house (in the beginning) to Trap/Moombahton, to more deep vibes at the end of the night. People seemed to enjoy it and we got a lot of smiley faces the following day. There wasn't a line around the block, but soon come.

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The Speakeasy Lounge - CLOSED

129 N. Federal Highway, Lake Worth, FL

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