Astari Nite's Mychael Ghost Florida Supercon "To Do" List

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Monica McGivern
A mere Supercon-related thought can conjure nerds in costume. It's like they can read minds! These guys and gals want Kevin Smith's autograph, and they want it NOW!

But in SoFla, we add a certain flare to our Cons. Miami's Florida Supercon tags on a music festival, featuring 50 bands that will play over four days, including Askultura, Space Between Words, Pretty Girls, and a slew of other acts.

Astari Nite is performing for their second year at the huge comic book extravaganza. Frontman Mychael Ghost says, "I can't imagine a year without performing at Supercon." That year would be very dark indeed.

Given that Ghost is not only a New Wave shoegazer, but also a fan of delightfully geeky entertainment, he shared with us his wants for the huge festival. "Last year, I ventured out into the lands of Supercon without a plan," he tells us, "This year, the intention will be to formulate a map in this mind of mine."

A map he kindly shared with all of us. Here is his official "to do" list for Florida Supercon 2013.

6. It's ALIVE!
"I am fascinated by anything that has to do with Frankenstein. So, I will hunt through each of the vendors' displays with the hopes of purchasing something rad to add to my collection." Ghost also is infatuated with Batman, Thunder Cats, Glowworm and Voltron.

5. Jem and the Hologram Cosplayers, Listen Up!
"I admire anyone who does cosplay and executes their costume properly. Saturday evening will be the FSC Cosplay competition which makes me very happy." Ghost admits, "I would like to find anyone who is dressed as Louise Belcher, Jem and the Holograms, Baroness (G.I. Joe: Cobra), the Joker and Alf. I have to get my photo taken with these characters, this must happen."

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DoubleTree Miami Airport and Convention Center

711 NW 72nd Ave., Doral, FL

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