Amanda Bynes, a Rapper? Five Songs She Should Write Based Mostly on Tweets


Amanda Bynes, former Nickelodeon cutie, "inventor" of LOL, Twitter monster, and childish celebrity disser, can add aspiring rap star to her list of titles as of this week. Already, Chinga Chang Records roped this controversial, and some might say crazed, retired actress to their label.

Oddly enough, becoming a hip-hop artist is one of the least insane things Bynes has done lately. Based on her bad behavior and manic tweets, here are five songs we imagine Amanda Bynes writing for herself and rapping the shit out of.

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5. "Dropping Bongs Like Bombs"
Of course, this is an ode to Bynes allegedly throwing her bong out of the window of her apartment when police came to her house due to reports of reckless endangerment. The song title just screams "motherfuck the po-leeece!" Appropriately, since Bynes doesn't seem to give a flying "what" about authority nor basic manners.


4. "Murder My Vag"
This love song is dedicated to Drake, because, hey, Bynes was playing hard to get with that "I want @drake to murder my vagina" tweet. She has to be more direct. Maybe he'll get the hint with a song this time.

#RIP Amanda Bynes's hoo-ha.

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