Ten Best South Florida Music Blogs

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We know it can get tough navigating the choppy, oft-unpredictable waters of our South Florida music scene.

Besides this blog, (your ultimate source for the local lowdown and breaking music news, obvs), how else can a native keep an ear to the ground and an eye out for the next big thing? After all, for a region dominated by high-end nightclubs and Top 40 dive bars, digging into the underground can sometimes seem daunting.

We've compiled 10 of the best online sources for local music and arts coverage -- from blogs and magazines to YouTube channels and Twitter accounts -- run by individuals and collectives of some of our scene's most actively out-there and musically-obsessed creatives. Check it out and feel free to weigh in on some of your own secret internet spots in the comments.

10. PureHoney
If you've ever visited a local coffee shop, record store, or alternative bar, you've probably noticed a stack of PureHoney magazines by the door or resting on the counter with all the other locally-focused literature. If you ask us, PureHoney is one of the most thorough sources for local event and concert listings and preview band interviews ever. Creator Steve Rullman truly brings together the tri-county music scene with his incredible print and newly revamped online periodical. PureHoney is entirely sweet.

9. Salty Eggs
Salty Eggs recently won a Green Eyeshade award for being the third best blog in the region. Apart from their hilariously satirical and hard-hitting coverage on everything from politics to art, the team, comprised of twenty-some-odd contributors, really have a finger on the pulse of the South Florida music scene.

Peruse the blog's music archives to get to know some of the areas most interesting, up-and-coming, and influential bands and artists. In-depth feature stories, artist Q&As, and reviews give a little taste of everything our humble scene has to offer at the moment.

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