Top Ten Porn Stars to Watch Out for at EXXXotica 2013

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The fine folks behind the EXXXotica Expo finally pulled their collective gonads out of their, err, well, gonads, and have brought the party slightly north to Ft. La-Dee-Da-Di and it falls upon your humble narrator and scribe to pick the top ten attractions.

I don't expect you to agree with me, but there are simply too many beautiful industry types in town to whittle down a list from; but as it stands, I'll be that asshole.

Here is a list of the top ten actresses and actors convening this weekend on our Spring Break-soured beaches for a little healthy pornography.

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10. Gianna Michaels
Here's Dyme Def's video featuring our new best friend Gianna Michaels. One of the nicest gals we've had the pleasure of palavering with!

9. Alexis Texas
This gal is hottt with three "T's!" But we honestly thought Forbidden Dance would be an instructional lambada video. Oh, well!

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This is funny though but I'd like to watch this because it's a lil bit intriguing to me. #Girlswithbraces

James Gordon
James Gordon

Seriously. She and the whole Kardashian mindset of anything for fame and money is not news worthy. Stop going LCD and do some real reporting.

Myrtle Coyle
Myrtle Coyle

Enough with the Farrah news now? I think we got it. This is the fourth time in two days she's made your feed.

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