Ten Songs That Could Be Used in Marijuana Commercials

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It's coming. Medical marijuana is legal in California. Colorado has decriminalized it. It's only a matter of time before marijuana is legal throughout this fine land.

Like any other product for sale, those in charge of slinging weed are going to need commercials to sell their wares. Fortunately, popular music has been singing love songs to marijuana for the last fifty years. Here are ten that are totally ready to be used as ad jingles for that gooey, green ganja.

10. Cypress Hill - "Hits from the Bong"
An instructional lesson on how to effectively get high accompanied with a sample from Dusty Springfield's "Son of A Preacher Man" and genuine hits from a bong. Somehow it never gets tiring to hear Sen Dog's deep echo of whatever words his partner in crime B-Real just nasally rapped.

9. The Pixies - "Gouge Away"
This song might be more about sex than drugs. It's definitely about rock 'n' roll, and no one in the history of that musical artform asks for "some marijuana if you got some" quite as coolly as singer Frank Black does.

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Most of these songs suck. Only Cypress Hill are real smokers


What about Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath? That's like the ultimate ode to the holy ganja

Jeremiah Liburdi
Jeremiah Liburdi

no steve miller "the joker"??? what the actual funk... :P

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