Miami's Pelvic Thrust Brings Debaucherous, "Bourgeoisie" Pool Party to a Weston Mansion

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Pelvic Thrust's Spring Fling party

Pelvic Thrust is a group of eight Miami-based music lovers who will do just about anything for a good party. With their turntables and CDJs in tow, and some insane stamina to keep the fun going all night long, these guys have managed to bring their monthly party from a loft apartment on the edge of Miami's Design District to the apex of underground Miami electronic dance music, the Electric Pickle, with some cool pop-up spots in between.

Following a gritty "New York style" loft party at last month's Spring Fling event, Pelvic Thrust are collaborating with a couple of "generous friends" to throw an all-day pool party at what is being described as "a plush, mansion playground, with secret gardens and crystal pools in abundance," all in the heart of Weston. Sounds titillating!


The party spot.

"We've created a bit of a local buzz, developed a distinct lifestyle brand, and people are definitely taking notice," says Negro Fino, the acting general manager at Pelvic Thrust. "We are trying to harness all our awesome talent, and energy, in order to market ourselves better as individuals, and as a collective."

Transplanting the raunchy Miami party to a mansion nestled in Broward's Western fringes is certainly one interesting tactic to get the word out and spread the funky party vibes.

Spring Fling

A mere $10 cover charge grants you access to the mansion, unlimited booze, parking, and bumping dance music by Pelvic Thrust residents from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. A free shuttle bus to the party from Panther Coffee in Miami, and back, is also being arranged, with details to be announced on the event's Facebook page soon.

Jeremy Ismael - Sunday funHOUSE - June 24 by Sundayfunhouse on Mixcloud

With a few Miami artists and notorious party motivators set to make appearances, including 2Square (Jeremiah Taylor & Justin Vallee), Shaun Blonde (Spider Man), and Blaze Farringer & Cosplay, expect a debaucherous afternoon into night fueled by the tunes of Gran Moxy, Jeremy Ismael, Chalk, and more, a fully-stocked bar, and some big-booty Miami girls dancing in bikinis.

The "Pinky Up" Pool Party, with Sounds by Pelvic Thrust. Saturday, May 18, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.. $10.


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Mike Roddy
Mike Roddy

Hey, that looks like dan marino's old house... I thought that place was for sale. Maybe the real estate agent's just breaking the pool in for the new owner...

Adam Matza
Adam Matza

Sounds like BSO is gonna be busy in Weston.

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