Kriss Kross's Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly Dead at 34

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Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly was found dead in his Atlanta home yesterday. He was thirty-four years old. And while nothing is concrete, at the time of this writing, a drug overdose is suspected as the cause.

But first, a confession.

It is through the sheer power of thought and astral projection that I am responsible for the Mac Daddy's death.

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Here are two facts that can't be ignored: First, this past weekend, while hanging out at my lady-friend's pad and listening to her MP3 player, Kriss Kross's 1992 smash hit "Jump" came on. What ensued was a long and drawn out and largely alcohol-fueled argument on my behalf as to why the one-time sensation would cease to exist from the collective consciousness of the world in no time. She got all bent out of shape, claiming it a classic party song. Needless to say, that did not end well.

Then this past Tuesday, while hanging out with my old man and watching TV, we caught a syndicated episode of In Living Color in which the closing act was Kriss Kross. I confess, that given the pop-cultural turmoil of the weekend, my thoughts were along the lines of "why can't this shit die already."

And then I see his death announced on my Twitter feed. Shit. Now, I feel like an asshole.

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