Kim Kardashian and Kanye Plan to Bring Newborn on Tour

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Sure Kim Kardashian is a first time mom with the spawn of Satan, um, Kanye. Sorry, brain fart. But you'd think she already knew, with Mason around and, you know, having 10,000 siblings, that there's no place like home for a newborn.

However, according to TMZ, KK is planning on bringing baybay Kimye (or, as we're banking on, North West) on tour with her man.

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Apparently, Kim felt abandoned when hearing Ye'd be on the road in October to promote his new album and decided her and the child would come along. The touring company spilled the beans on plans to set up cribs and soundproof hotel rooms.

The baby will be three months old when they head out, so Kim will still yet to have slept one full night since the birth. But she'll be there as Kanye rambles onstage about how he's "not a celebrity." While everyone takes his and her and the baby's photos and posts them to the web.

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dantevida topcommenter

of course they will put the little black gypsy to work right out of the womb.  what a novel idea it would be portraying one of that clan maybe getting a higher education than high school.


This kid is being handed to a Nanny right after birth, so I don't see the problem here.


There is an actual word in the English language to describe these people. The word is, "idiots."

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