Killmama's Drummer, Sophie Sputnik, Says She's Grateful for the "Opportunity to Bang on Things"

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Kingsley follows up, "It's not like we are trying to preserve a certain sound or aesthetic. The music we make is really just what comes out of us. It really is just, what comes out."
What comes out, though, is exactly what is working for them. Their stripped down, distorted sound flirts with multiple genres, noise rock, blues, rock and roll -- and with an EP in the bag, Killmama hopes that "what comes out" translates to the rest of the world.

"The Kickstarter page just went up today," Sputnik starts on the subject of a tour they're planning for July and in true Killmama fashion, Kingsley tells about their tactic for gaining the remainder of the funds to support their travels. "We are trying to be really humble about it. Not blasting our friends with the site too much because we know everyone gets updates on our shows all the time. We don't want to overrun their social media pages with our stuff. We are trying to be tactful about it."

The Kickstarter account displays a video in which Sputnik and Astro explain how donations are reciprocated. For every level of donation you make to the band, Killmama will give the donate something to show for it whether it be a T-shirt, a CD or even your own private Killmama set, wherever, whenever.

They will be setting out for New Orleans, Indiana, New York, and some parts of Canada, but Sputnik seems to be most excited about her return to Scranton, Pennsylvania.
"Not that it's going to be the career move that makes us, but I played in a few bands when I was up there, and I am really excited to bring this music to the people I care about in Pennsylvania."

At first guess, Sputnik seems easily excitable (who gets pumped about Scranton?), but considering what she and Killmama have to look forward to, the energy she so consistently expresses is warranted, and would get a block of concrete psyched.

Case in point? Plan B, a concert hosted by TomTom -- the magazine which tells the tales of female drummers -- taking place at Churchill's Pub on Wednesday.

"I never really feel like a drummer. Mostly because it wasn't the first instrument I learned to play. Also because I haven't been playing the drums for very long. This event brings all of these female drummers together, and so I finally get a chance to be in the graces of all these talented women," Sputnik says of the validation that comes with such an event.

The lady drummer is a strong force all on her own, though, as one of the few lady musicians active in the South Florida music scene, Sputnik describes how honored she feels to be considered a viable influence on the scene itself. With a natural sense of confidence, she claims, "I don't feel any pressure, so to speak, I am just so psyched to be able to stand out as a female doing something forceful. I am so grateful that Killmama gives me the opportunity to bang on things, and I want that for other people, too. If women in the scene out there take something from me, that's incredible."

Kingsley chimes in, "I told her she was going to have people coming up to her and saying 'That's awesome! I want to do that' which is like the coolest feeling in the world."

Sputnik and Kingsley are visionaries who, if they hadn't ratted themselves out, would seem to have known each other their whole lives. While they express their visions at different volumes and word count, they agree that the goal of their music is to remain accessible.
"(We) want everyone to know that it's all going to be OK," Sputnik says.

A simple composition of phrase that carries a lot of weight. Kind of like the band itself.

Tom Tom Magazine's Plan B with Killmama,Testokra, Estonian Couch Surfer, Quarter Horses, and the Violet West, 9 p.m., Wednesday, May 22, at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Street, Miami.

Killmama with Suede Dudes and Gravel Kings, 11 p.m., Saturday, June 1, at PoorHouse, 110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit their Facebook for full tour dates.

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