GWAR Auctions Oderus Urungus Mask to Raise Money for Victims of Boston Marathon Bombings

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Ian Witlen
I've been on the rock and roll tip long enough to know how easily dismissed rock and rollers can be. But you know what? All cheekiness aside, rock and rollers can be some of the most downright generous and humane human beings you'll ever meet. In the '90s, when I entertained ideas of making music myself, I performed in a few bands here in South Florida where half the time we gigged for free as long as door proceeds went to a cause. A good cause.

OK. So I'm a good guy.

From those days, the global plane has changed by leaps and bounds, I'm not living on halcyon days here, just saying to the casual reader, that maybe, sometimes, shit, more often than not, rock and rollers are some of the most giving folks on the planet.

Case in point? After the jump!

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Metal's most theatric band, GWAR is currently auctioning off one of their hand-made Oderus Urungus masks -- worn from 2008 to 2011 -- in an effort to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon fiasco. The money will go to One Fund Boston, and currently the bid is only at $850.

This is no bipartisan bullshit! This is no Westboro Baptist Church ANTI-AMERICAN musings, this is a real deal effort by Americans for Americans!

You know you want one, so bid!

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