Funky Buddha Brewery's New Oakland Park Location Has "Nice Tasting" Water and a Culinary Arts District

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Oh yeah, and apparently Oakland Park has great tasting water too. "We needed an area that had clean water, and Oakland Park's water is really nice tasting, fresh and clean." Linn points out that from a scientific standpoint, the water used in the beer making process is essential for brewing the right kind of product, with the right minerals producing the right kind of flavors. Linn reminded us, "Beer is 98-percent water, you know, so it's critically important.

About the brewery itself, don't expect any beer-pong (sorry to all you frat boys out there looking to get shitfaced). Linn says that the vibe will be laid back, with a very "brewery atmosphere," aimed at the beer connoisseur. The staff will have encyclopedic knowledge of the breweries' bevy of brews, with the ability to help clients chose between the Funky Buddha's delicious concoctions, like the Hop Gun IPA, Piiti Porter, and the Floridian Hefeweizen.

The design is industrial chic, according to Linn, with polished concrete, hanging Edison bulbs, and galvanized iron throughout. Linn says the location will effuse a "natural industrial element."

We asked if the brewery had plans to unveil any new beers for its opening. Linn says they are not. "Right now, just focusing on taking the beers from the Boca lounge and making sure we can brew them accurately in a system that is 20 times larger."

As for the Funky Buddha's planned distribution, Linn tells us his company is taking a "walk before you can run approach." It has sights set on regional distribution, within Florida. Laser Wolf, World of Beer, and the restaurants in the Culinary Arts District are amongst the places within South Florida where you can find their products. Its two flagships brews, Hop Gun IPA and Floridian Hefeweisen are marked for distribution.

As for Linn's Funky Buddha favorite, he is a Piiti Porter man.

Funky Buddha Brewery Grand Opening Celebration goes down at 4 p.m. till midnight on Saturday, June 1. The brewery is located at 1201 N.E. 38th Street in Oakland Park, Florida. Visit Facebook.

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