Filter's Richard Patrick Says, "I Like to Look at the Crazy Shit"

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Richard Patrick left his post as Nine Inch Nails touring guitarist to form Filter during the Nails' recording of the Downward Spiral album. His gamble paid off with hits like "Hey Man Nice Shot," global tours, a 20-plus year recording career, and an industrial rock sound that's still fresh today thanks to crushing guitars, electronic programming, and resonantly angry lyrics.

Filter's sixth album, The Sun Comes Out Tonight, explores the minds behind our violent society in an explosive blast of distortion. We caught up with founder Richard Patrick before the band's show at Culture Room. Here's what he had to say about volleyball, spree killers, and going to war.

New Times: What's your history with South Florida?
Richard Patrick: Oh man, we been all over Florida. We love it, we've played every major city, and we look forward to playing Fort Lauderdale again. I've been playing there since I was in NIN back in 1989.

Any specific memory of the place?
Y'know, I think we were there on the Forth of July touring with a band that was English. We were playing volleyball on the beach, and I was like I cant believe we're losing. I said "Hey guys, remember what day it is. I don't mean to bring up old subjects, but it's July 4th." Everybody laughed, and then we won the volleyball thing.

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This is why Filter is my favorite band. These guys are helping to keep Rock music alive.

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