Farrah Abraham Explains, the "Backdoor" in Backdoor Teen Mom Is "More Than Anal Sex"

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When you heard that Farrah Abraham was staring in a "sex tape" with nouveau porno king James Deen, admit it, you were a little surprised. Sure Abraham found her fame openly emoting on MTV's Teen Mom, but sexing on tape is a whole 'nother horny ballgame.

And when you heard it was called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, you were tickled, right? What a hilarious way to induct the former cheerleader from Iowa into the world of filthy film. In anticipation of her appearance at this weekend's Exxxotica in Fort Lauderdale, Abraham came clean with us about her costar's anger issues, her love for Christian and techno music, and explained that she's the new "American Woman."

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New Times: What are the perks of being a mom when you were a teenager as opposed to in your thirties?
I have more energy, as well the closeness between my daughter and I. I think it helps our relationship. And, lastly, my body has bounced back in shape quicker then most.

Do you have any mom advice or what is an essential for new moms to have when dealing with their baby?
I think it is essential to have three months worth of baby food, diapers, clothes, and a responsible babysitter lined up. The first three months go by so quickly, and these four things will ensure less stress on the parents.

What do you look for in a guy?
In a man, I look for a confident, stable, well-balanced individual who is intelligent and humorous.

Describe a perfect first date?
Epic dream date, let's meet in Dubai and have dinner by the ocean... The rest that follows will be equally as intriguing.

What turns you on?
Smarts and style.

What are you gonna do with the dough you made from Backdoor Teen Mom?
Invest in my restaurant and save for future living.

What is the backdoor anyway?
The back door on my apartment, I think. (laughs) But it was more than anal sex, but Vivid was in charge of title not myself.

Was James Deen a gentle lover?
He was gentle because I made him be gentle, but I think in life he has more of an anger issue which makes him not so gentle.

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Mike Rourke
Mike Rourke

Hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame. She is a freaking idiot.

JC Ridley
JC Ridley

Her IQ is clearly lower than her bust size.

John Pearson
John Pearson

I feel bad for Liz Tracy that had to interview this piece of garbage. HEY Editor isn't there better things to cover than this wannabe Kim Kardashian? The dumbing of America continues.

Anthony Djuren
Anthony Djuren

she's an idiot......she really feels that she's somehow important. No, honey.....you're trailer trash, with a bad boob job that did porn for money. That's all you are.

Peter Vasquez
Peter Vasquez

Lmao, she wants to be like Kim Kardashian so badly and sadly Kim is way smarter than she is.


christian & techno.

lonianderson1979 topcommenter

Liz - when she said how her body has bounced back you should have said "you mean post op?"

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