EXXXotica 2013: Porn Guy Ryan Driller Will Lend You His Ear and Fix Your Leaks

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Porn star Ryan Driller's a young man who might actually have more of a Bob Vila streak in him than one would imagine at first glance. Gifted with slightly rugged, boyish looks (as well as another, major gift), this Colorado native is a fun and affable guy who's the life of the party and appreciates the inherent comedic nature of the human condition.

A man of many hats, Driller made some time for us in anticipation of his appearance at the upcoming EXXXotica Expo in Fort Lauderdale. While he was completely candid on his musical choices, which he will not be taking back, we're pretty sure that whatever after-party he lands at while in town, will have an extra element of genuine fun in it, like the numerous and quite frankly funny sex parodies he's acted in.

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New Times: Hey man, thanks for taking the time to answer a few of our silly questions!
Ryan Driller: Oh, this is going to be fun.

"Driller's" a pretty cool name for the obvious reason; how do these alternative names sound to you: "Ryan USCG Operations Specialist," "Ryan Diamond Prospector," and "Ryan Gold Rush?"
Love that! Though, technically, it is "Captain" Ryan Driller, as honored by the USCG...

Looking over your Instagram and Twitter accounts, it seems like you're a pretty handy guy around the house as well as hard-partying dude, any other hidden talents we don't know about?
I'm pretty open, and it's all out there on my Twitter and Instagram. My green thumb is starting to come through and my psychiatrist's couch is on order right now. Otherwise, does breathing through my ears count? Though, I think that's just on my regular videos.

Ladies! Your handyman is here!
Your career is peppered with some standard industry fare but what jumps out the most, is the amount of parodies you've been involved in. Do you gravitate towards that or are they generally funnier and more relaxed to film?
Tough call! The parodies are a bit funnier to play with, given the scripts and the extra "non-sex" film time.

I don't know if I'd say they're more relaxed though. Donning a skin-tight spandex suit for 13 plus hours, with pages of dialogue and the added pressure of the additional crew all waiting for their burger dinner or to go home at the 11th hour isn't particularly relaxing. It's awesome and I love it (more than I ever thought I would); but I wouldn't say it's as easy as playing with my girlfriend's big ...'d friend.

But I do gravitate towards them for the work and the play time. It's a whole new and challenging experience to recreate, comically, a character and piece that so many people already know and feel about.

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I fell in love with him after I saw This Isn't Fifty Shades of Grey XXX, luckily I got my copy before the lawsuit TAKE THAT UNIVERSAL PICTURES!!!!!!

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