Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: What Was Singer Alex Ebert Really Doing in the SunFest Crowd?

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Jessica Daly

Have you ever seen the movie Wanderlust where a broke New York couple, played by Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, end up living on a commune with no bathroom doors? One of the main characters is Seth, a crazed, downward dog-doing sociopath performed skillfully by Justin Theroux.

Last night at Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' SunFest concert in West Palm Beach, watching frontman Alex Ebert with his loose fitting clothing and mussed up hair, jumping around stage, barking at the band, it seemed like -- if only in looks -- Seth was a fictionalized version of Ebert.

The show was amazing, every single band member got their moment in the spotlight, and we're certain the Sharpe singer is a lovely fellow, but there were a few things that happened onstage that brought Theroux's character to mind.

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At one point, the 10-million-piece band was jamming to a new song about bouncing balls and getting high, and Ebert insisted they stop the "ambiance shit" so that the audience could hear the lyrics. Awkward! About 75% of the band is "ambiance shit!" This is a crew that you gotta blame for all the funky-folk-rock-roots stuff that's saturated the radio and every suburban dinner party for the past 6 months -- like Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers. One dude was designated a tambourine the size of a car tire, and another guy was just there to play the chimes.

But the best moment was when Ebert disappeared into the audience for a very long time. Like we're talking the full-length of one of their songs long time. We couldn't help but wonder: What the hell was Ebert doing in the crowd for that long? Here are five things we believe happened out there.

5. He Was Peeing
Sometimes, you just gotta go, and nothing is going to stop you. It's possible Ebert took a quick jaunt to the John mid-set. No one wanted to see him pull a Fergie, except maybe a few disgruntled band members.

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Sounds like this reviewer is a musician wantabe. He really missed the Magic part of Magnetic Zero's.

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