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Block X Blog (Revolution Green Room and ABY 4_20_2013)  by Ian Witlen-7979.jpg
Ian Witlen
Block x Blog was a celebration.

Fort Lauderdale musicians, artists, vendors, and scenesters all came together under the unified roof of the Revolution Live complex to show what makes Broward County special and reminisce about the good things of youth. The place was decorated with balloons bent into oversize flowers, hanging floppy discs, and around every corner, someone was playing Super Nintendo. It was also 4/20, so it's likely some of those in attendance celebrated how awesome weed is, too.

With so many themes in play; 8-bit, nostalgia, record-collecting, weed; there were many ways to interpret the day through one's party apparel. What follows is a collection of our favorite looks of the inaugural Block x Blog music festival.

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Block X Blog (Revolution Green Room and ABY 4_20_2013)  by Ian Witlen-7092.jpg
Ian Witlen

10. The most important thing you can do with your clothes is rep who you are. This guy is reppin' his city, his team, and his nostalgic childhood hero all at the same time! We hope he was off to give away those awesome Black Locust Society totes, because looks like that deserves to be shared.

Block X Blog (Revolution Green Room and ABY 4_20_2013)  by Ian Witlen-7157.jpg
Ian Witlen

9. This girl knows how to get the sexy look, without compromising comfort. It was a hot and rainy afternoon in South Florida this Saturday, and thus, the perfect time to show a little skin. Her sheer top allows for cool breeze benefits, while also helping protect from nasty bugs and total creepsters. Plus, the billowy fabric gives her arms free reign on the 8-bit basketball court.

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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