Ten Best Florida Metal Bands of All Time

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Florida is an extreme state. We have extreme temperatures, extreme governmental corruption, an extremely large number of oddball news features detailing the extreme events taking place here. And, fortunately, we also do extreme music better than just about anyone (Nordic peoples not withstanding).

Depending on who you ask, and how much lutefisk they may have consumed in their lifetime, Florida invented and perfected the sonic horror-scape known as death metal. Maybe it's the rhythm of chaos that moves things in this subtropical vacation paradise-come-real life cartoon, but for whatever reason, Floridians blast, chug, growl, and churn harder than anyone.

Here we take a closer look at the best Florida metal bands -- those titans that sculpted the unholy musical bane of parents everywhere -- of all time, in no particular order.

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10. Obituary
Obituary was one of the first bands to incite the mosh via this sound. And while it might seem a little tame in comparison to the rotting and disgusting sonic corpse death metal has since ballooned into, it is nonetheless satisfying.

Check out how cool MTV was before your generation decided a house full of greaseballs drinking and fucking each other was more entertaining than music videos.

Bonus fun fact: Donald Tardy was a touring drummer for Andrew W.K. during an Obituary hiatus.

9. Death
Chuck Schuldiner could be credited with essentially inventing death metal. You'd be extremely hard-pressed to find anyone to argue with that statement. Even though Schuldiner tragically lost a battle with brain cancer in 2001, the band's records remain as popular as ever, having recently been re-mastered and reissued. Chances are, if you've been to a metal show in the last 10 years, you've seen someone wearing a Death T-shirt.

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Props on Shai Hulud, but no Poison the Well?  Cmon.


I am going to assume the glaring omission of Savatage (and the less glaring omission of Nasty Savage) was because they don't qualify as death metal.  But neither is Floor!  Savatage forever!

Stephen Gotlib
Stephen Gotlib

very good list! im impressed with the inclusion Assuck! as well as the mention of orbweaver! 4 horns in the air \m/ \m/


@Eric Satkowitz Metal is essentially more tactical, creative, and aesthetic than your miniscule shriveled brain could ever hope to comprehend

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