Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's Breakdown: A Freudian Psychosexual Analysis

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Did Selena Gomez keep Bieber's wild side in check.
Shortly before 1 a.m. PST today, TMZ reported the late-breaking story that -- brace yourself -- Justin Bieber's recent extended mad blunted mental breakdown is, if you can believe it, almost directly related to his recent breakup with Selena Gomez.

And upon reading this digitally rendered revelation regarding millionaire Millennials and who they're sexting, we couldn't help but think of when social theorist Hannah Arendt, in the course of writing about the Nuremberg Trials, declared, "No shit, Sherlock!"

Plus, Timz (think about it) totally blew the opportunity for some actually hard-hitting Freudian-style (as in, penis-obsessed) psychosexual analysis.

But, hey. That's why County Grind is here.

In addition to a massive double-reverse Oedipus complex, Justin Bieber is -- pardon the clinical jargon -- a party fucking animal. But hey, when the Canadian poopstar had Gomez on his arm -- not to mention at the helm of the leash fastened to his peener -- the former Disney tween queen turned Spring Breakers strumpet kept Biebz's inner Charlie Sheen at bay.

And that, ladies and jellydogs of the jury, is the crux of our argument. TMZ thinks Bluntin' Bieber has been earning his nickname and making myriad other questionable life choices in the wake of the couple's breakup. But we think Gomez was like a mighty reservoir that kept the floodwaters of reefer addiction at bay within the Canadian Dutchmaster's war-torn psyche.

And this is what it's like when a dam bursts.

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Wow, no comments, cool! Yes this article is good. But isn't it also true of most men, women....people. We have a crazy wild side that is free as a kid, but then we fall, and being in love keeps us from unleashing it, we want to do things right because if who we are and because we want to keep the great other person we have got. And as soon as one person gives up on the other, then they also give up on themselves. Often over partying and acting crazy. I wish these two still had a chance though, their relationship was.....epic!

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