Rihanna Inspires Hockey-Themed Twitter Trend #rihannaing in Ottawa, Canada

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Rihanna showed up to da club in a Senators jersey and no pants. But first, she took a selfie.
What do Rihanna and professional hockey team the Ottawa Senators have in common?

That's not the first half of a joke. We are not positing a rhetorical question. We have absolutely no goddamn idea why Rihanna recently tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Senators Jersey and little else. Weird, right? But hey, people do crazy shit when a relationship goes down the tubes. RiRi's flip-flop on-and-off-again roller coaster relationship with Chris Bown was probably at least partially response for her arbitrary exhibitionism.

What we don't even begin to have an explanation for is Rihannaing, a -- take a deep breath -- new Twitter meme erupting amongst Ottawan hockey fans across Canada's capital.


Rihannaing is unlike any hockey tradition. Those usually have to do with risking ejection by littering the ice with rubber rats, rubber octopi, and/or the fans of the opposing team. But social media has finally caught up with Canada's national past time. And the end result is more horrifying and/or hilarious than you can ever imagine.


The crux of the trend is uploading a picture of yourself in a Senators jersey, because, you see, Rihanna did it. Usually rituals involving sports -- like the aforementioned toy animals being chucked into the rink -- are rooted in a vaguely mystical subscription to completely opaque universes of luck and synchronicity. When Senators fans started Tweeting photos of themselves aping Rihanna's pose -- and the Jersey, and the lack of pants -- there was probably a bit of buzz about improving the team's luck.

But the Sens lukewarm open to their season -- two wins, 3 losses -- makes us think its time they put their pants back on. Rihanna, on the other hand, needs to get a job working for ESPN.

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Ottawa needs to schedule some more games yo. They've only played 5 games three months into the season?


When I heard hockey trend on twitter and Rhianna, I thought it was going to be pictures of people with black eyes. 

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