Five Things a Record Can Do That an MP3 Cannot

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Monica McGivern
Should any instance occur in which your musical taste assists in getting you laid, chances are very slim that an MP3 collection would be the responsible format.

MP3s make a vacant effort to fill moments of silence with careless noise. The day has come where Pandora picks the soundtracks to our lives based on algorithms formulated by choosing just one song (choose wisely!). These are the days of Spotify playlist, filled with the intangible and elusive MP3s.

Lucky for us, we also live in a time of revival, where a proud movement of music snobs have been able to quite literally turn the tables. It is in this age where the limitless and shameless demand for nostalgia and irony has moved beyond a mass of cultural critique, and brought with it the return of the record.
If ever you second guessed the time and effort involved in building your record collection, here are five things to reassure you that you've invested wisely.

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Monica McGivern
5. Records make you feel things
Think about it. When was the last time you hugged an MP3 to your chest after waking up early on the day of release? Never.

You march your ass down to your local record store before going to the office, making sure you bring that bad boy into work with you -- because Lord knows the average temperature in a sealed car in south Florida is about that on the brightest day on the sun. Plowed through the work day, carried that sucker home with you (even if you have been taking the bus these days). And finally, with your after-work beer in one hand, you lifted the record player needle with the other, and physically lay down those tracks.

Does iTunes make you work that hard? Did you know you wanted to work that hard?

For most of us who read County Grind, our music has always had a "feel." But until we started collecting records, nothing about that feel was physical aside from some goose bumps or singalong induced laryngitis. Our folks had the vinyl thing going, and if we were lucky, we got to experience the sensuality of a record before we knew what it was like to start our own vinyl habit. But no amount of bootlegged or rightfully owned MP3s can make the leap from audible to tangible. It feels good to have a big ol' awkwardly sized LP under your arm. A thing subject to its own demise should it be left to the elements.

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