Cary Polkovitz's Often Overlooked: From Internet "Flight of Fancy" to Published Book

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Often Overlooked started as artist Cary Polkovitz's internet "flight of fancy." His very short stories became a popular online project, and eventually a book. 

Polkovitz takes photos of "random items, usually something mundane," he says, "and then I tell a little story about it." As of tomorrow, his fictional tales -- no less than 20 and no more than 300 words -- will be available for purchase at his first signing. 

The West Palm Beach resident was initially inspired by an encounter with a red fire hydrant. "He looked so happy, with his arms out, and his big nose sticking out at me," Polkovitz remembers. It put him in a great mood, so he posted it with some text on Facebook, and he says, "the response was remarkable." 

While he thought putting his photos and stories on the web was just for fun, others encouraged him to publish it. A successful Kickstarter campaign later, and they got their wish. 


A writer, he confides, "I never would have pegged myself as. I accidentally wrote a book." But admits, "I've been a voracious reader most of my life. I love storytelling." He sees all mediums as doing the same thing: telling stories. 

A Pratt-educated illustrator and cartoonist, Polkovitz came to West Palm as an adult, broke and without many local friends. He's older than the rest of those in the scene, and it took him a minute to find his place here. But then he started going to some DIY shows, and found folks eager to include him and his work. 

"The scene is surprisingly active," Polkovitz says. "The community is wonderful and supportive up here," totally different, he says, than Boca or Palm Beach galleries. "It's fun and not politicy." 


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