New Downtown Hollywood Murals Unveiled During ArtWalk (PHOTOS)

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It's officially spring, and the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project is in bloom, adding two new murals and a whole lot of color and life to an already vibrant collection of building facades commissioned by the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency. 

This Saturday, coinciding with Downtown Hollywood's Third Saturday ArtWalk, the mural by Evoca1 will be finalized while 2alas initiates the first phases of their "Mona Lisa."

"We want to create an impact," explains Andrew Antonaccio, one half of 2alas, who will make the facade at 1900 Hollywood Boulevard the home of their latest collaborative piece. The Miami-based artists (Orlando Galvaz makes up the other half) exhibit in curated gallery shows, as well as paint in the streets of Wynwood Arts District, New York, Montreal, and soon, Downtown Hollywood.  

"This type of imagery -- as simple as it looks -- can be recognized by everyone no matter how much they know about art.  Our Mona Lisa is being created for the audience... We hope to give Hollywood a modern Renaissance image to love, as the city goes through its own transformation," says Antonaccio.


At 2020 Hollywood Boulevard, Evoca1 will complete his "Posers and Dream Crushers" mural, in progress since March. Both artist and humanitarian, Evoca1 uses his artistic ability to raise funds and awareness for issues that embattle society as a whole. 

"Whenever I paint, I tend to use past experiences or an emotional struggle faced by someone I've come in contact with, but this piece is actually more of a way to vent my frustration with the way we behave with each other," says Evoca1. "This mural portrays the struggles faced when people or things pose as friendly to get close enough to be detrimental."

The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project is centralized in the Live Music District, running along Hollywood Boulevard and Harrison Street between 21st Avenue and Young Circle. Since launching in August 2012, thoughtfully-curated murals have been commissioned by the CRA from prominent contemporary and street artists, including David "Lebo" Le Batard, Ruben Ubiera, Jessy Nite, Luis Pinto, Eddie Mendieta, and most recently, Evoca1 and 2alas.


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