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Ian Witlen
Let's face it, doing cubicle work or any other type of mundane activity -- like dusting, laundry, writing blogs -- really sucks. It's one of those things where Facebook-creeping feels like a better option (it's not, btw).

But when it's time crunch at your job, you need creative energy to fuel you through whatever boring shit it is that you're doing. And Facebook ain't cutting it. What better genre of music to fill you with life than the mashup? These are artists in a constant state of movement. What follows are a couple of mashup musicians that will make your grind that much easier to endure.

6. Girl Talk
Born Gregg Gillis, this Pitttsburg native is a biomedical research engineer by day and a mashup DJ god by night. Taking overplayed Top 10 hits of one genre and mixing it with other overplayed Top 10 hits of another genre, Girl Talk makes songs that you hate into ones that jam.

Take this song as an example: "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson is actually cool again thanks to Mr. Gillis.

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5. D.veloped
D.veloped's "quote" on Facebook is "I'm really good at liberating your pleasure wave." And liberate he does! By including movie sound bites in tunes -- like Dumb and Dumber's state trooper scene in the song "Womb Raider" -- D.veloped gives himself an extra cinematic edge over other artists. His influences are as diverse as his music, and include Quentin Tarantino and Dave Chappelle.

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i'm pretty sure it's dj EARWORM not earthworm

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