Krisp Taking Six Months off from Live Shows to Record "Badass Jams"

What did Prospect Road sound like then?

It was a much more straight-up rock and roll project, with a tinge of indie. Think of the Strokes, only a bit darker.

What plans does the band have for the future?

No more shows for six months. We plan to devote all our energy to recording our full-length album, and that's that.

What direction are you going with album?

So far, it's all been a super organic process. We jam and everyone feeds off that idea, and then record. So there is no real preconceived notion of what the album will turn out like.

So your recording process is kind of improvisational?

In a way, yeah. When we get warmed up, we come up with our best stuff just jamming. We go off that. We always try to record in the moment. Right when we are doing with a badass jam, we record it right away.

Creativity comes when you least expect it, eh?

Absolutely. Sometimes when you least expect it, it can just flow. Our newest track for instance, "Outnumbered," came from me trying to remember the bassline for Joy Division's "No Love Lost." I played something that resembled it in practice, the rest of the group loved the way it sounded. We recorded it with an iPhone and shortly thereafter "Outnumbered," was created.

So what is Krisp going to do after the album is waxed?

We are hoping someone picks it up. First we are going to shop the album around and then we are thinking about touring. We've never really had a proper album to tour on. Now that we are focused on recording this album, we are going to try and make that happen.

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