Ten Reasons You Needed Club Q More Than It Needed You in 2001

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Jimmyy Loud

Club Q is now a thing of the past. But for those raised in Broward, or even Palm Beach County, Club Q was all us poor suburban alternative music kids had. Today, its veterans proudly are scattered throughout the local music scene.

No matter which "scene" you branched out to, it all started at Club Q -- with some terrible music. But that's not the point. It was the foundation of our current lifestyles as music snobs. A way of thought and living that we earned, because we've been hitting shows since we were fourteen. We always know what we're talking about thanks to this sonic touchstone.

Here are ten other reasons why we all needed Club Q more than it needed us in 2001.

Jimmy Loud

10. All that practice making flyers for your best friend's band got you a sweet job, right? It didn't? Well at least you remember what it was like to work for the love of something alone. Plus you probably make enough money now to support real musicians.

9. You learned early on that five bucks for a show was nothing to scoff at, especially when the owners started charging eight. Lord, these days, catching a local band can cost you a Jefferson if you're not careful.


8. Honestly, it was the safest place to participate in your first mosh pit. No Way Out was a gateway drug. Everyone's got to start small. Small bloody noses. Small fat lips from an elbow to the braces. Big props from your dudes on Monday morning when, just by showing up, you convinced your lab partner you were dangerous. Small starts.

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Tee Dub
Tee Dub

Did you really reference the hippos? Bravo good sir.

Pete Glocker
Pete Glocker

Don't forget Spankys in West Palm. Many memories of old punk shows there too.

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