Bobby Lee on "Hot Chicks'" Instagram Accounts: "I Don't Masturbate to Them; I Just Like Watching Pretty People"

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Bobby Lee is that perfect amount of famous where he can still do whatever he wants, as long as it gets a laugh. Staying underground and performing small clubs, he's gained enough credibility in the comic world to team with the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen and even film a guest spot for the new season of Arrested Development. His ability to participate in a wide variety of exciting projects is both a product of his smaller celebrity and a benefit of his comedic notoriety. 

Whether you recognize him from MADtv or Pineapple Express, you know this is a comedian who can hold his own. We found Lee both hilarious and friendly as he revealed what it's like to be on Chelsea Lately, how he maximizes Instagram, and whether he'll ever win an Oscar.

New Times: You were on MADtv with some big names like Frank Caliendo and Michael McDonald. Is MADtv something that still holds you all together like a fraternity, or is it a thing of the past?

Bobby Lee: I saw Frank last week; I was in Phoenix and hung out with him. I talked to Mike on Friday; I talk to everybody. It's not like a fraternity, more like we went to war. Like we were on the Titanic and we survived, and we all have this deep connection.

I've read that on SNL, cast members really need to write a good sketch if they want to get on that week. Was it like that on MADtv too?

Almost all sketch shows are like that. If it's a show like Kids in the Hall where they knew each other and started a group, that's one thing. But when you have a sketch show where it's random people getting together, you have no personal connection so you can fuck people over easier. It's more of a fight.

You are a regular on Chelsea Lately's coveted roundtable. It seems like a very cool place to be. 

I do the show every other week. Chelsea and I have always been friends and she has always been really nice to me. A lot of females get into the stand up scene and get ridiculed because they are girls. It is a male dominated sport, but I have always been very nice to women comics, everyone's funny.

What is that experience like? Do they give you the topics that morning and you write your own jokes?

We know the topics about two hours before we shoot, and then you have to write, like, five jokes. It actually is a very difficult exercise because you might write something and you show up and another comic has that same joke so then you have to switch it.

Sometimes you don't even know what another comic's joke is, and then they say it live and you're like, "Oh, my God, that was my joke, I don't know what to do."

Wow, two hours is a really small window!

It is. I don't know anything about pop culture, really, so I have to do a little of research. But you know what? Everyone on the panel are friends that I have known for a very long time. Rarely do I do the show when I don't know the panelists. Jo Koy and I have known each other since the '90s, when I was a kid. I've known Heather McDonald since before she was even married. So your history with people helps. And it really helps with ticket numbers on the road.

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