Five Theories Behind the Real Reason Jay-Z and Beyoncé Went to Cuba

Were they after the perfect café con leche? 
Cuban-Americans and certain members of Congress are getting their pee-pee-soaked pantaloons in a major twist over Jay-Z and Beyoncé celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba. 

Of course, the United States upholds a 50-plus-year embargo against the island nation that prohibits American citizens from traveling there. 

Well, average American citizens, that is. When you're Jay-Z and Beyoncé, all it takes is a quick text to Barry O., and blammo, you're strolling the streets of Havana and being followed by paparazzi using cameras from the 1950s.

But in all the uproar over whether the pair should have made the trip -- and whether it was a "people-to-people" culturally worthy visit in the first place -- no one stopped to think about why they were really in Cuba.

We have some theories.

5. Cuba Is a Beautiful, Exciting, and Unusual Place to Vacation
Those who subscribe to Occam's Razor -- a logic principle that postulates the simplest answer is always the most likely -- probably think Mr. and Mrs. Carter visited the infamous island because they wanted to have a lavish experience in a hyperexotic locale. 

Does it get more exclusive than a country you need to get explicit permission to enter? 

But at the same time, Jay-Z and Beyoncé could travel anywhere they want in the entire world and/or outer space. Seriously, you don't think if Jay and Bey wanted to "take in the sights" like nobody else, they would have hitched piggy-back style onto Lance Bass' jet-pack and gone right for freakin' Mars? We suspect something other than wanderlust inspired the couple's jaunt.

4. Jay-Z Wants to Open the First McDonald's in Cuba After Castro Dies
You don't think the Roc-a-fella founder and former Def Jam CEO doesn't know a thing or two about diversification? Jay's empire does not stop at hit singles and successfully defeating Nas in a bid for Biggie's NYC rap throne. Case in point: The Brooklyn Nets. Sports leads to videogames, which, of course, leads to fast food. And before you know it, Jay-Z is buying out the Hamburgler and changing the country's national motto to "I'm luvin' it."

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Seth Platt
Seth Platt

I am not everyone nor upset, give me a ticket too, and screw the repressive old guard Cubans.

Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore

Here is a theory..Maybe they are super rich and can go anywhere in the world even to places we all cant go to...hhhmmmm maybe??

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