Top Ten Best Acts to Perform at SunFest 2013

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Andrew Youssef

If we are superior at anything at New Times, it is at having opinions. We're talking like we even have something to say about the kind of toilet paper your mom buys (leaves stuff in our butts!) or the size of raindrops falling from the sky (they're too skinny).

So, of course, we needed to speak our piece about all the acts performing at SunFest this week. Starting tomorrow with the Smashing Pumpkins and ending Sunday with Kendrick Lamar, here is our list of ten best acts to see at SunFest.

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10. Jimmy Cliff
This artistically prolific, Harder They Come-acting, and politically sensitive reggae legend is the real deal. And we're listing him first to get it out of the way so we can get to some musicians that are a little easier to make fun of.

9. Yellowcard
At first, the Jacksonville-bred pop-punk unit Yellowcard may seem like standard-issue Drive-Thru Records nasal-core. But then you realize they've got a violin player, and then you realize the violin player can do backflips.

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