Where's Molly Casa? Six Days at Ultra Music Festival With Miami's PLUR Mama

Photo by George Martinez
Molly Casa, AKA Miami's PLUR Mama.
Wassup, Miami! And all you foreigners breathing our air.

We here at New Times are covering all your Ultra Music Festival shenanigans. And we'd be remiss if we didn't chronicle the adventures of the PLUR nation's royal queen, Molly Casa of the 305.

She's that gorgeous monster stomping around in kandi bracelets and a tribal headdress, spreading peace, love, and understanding. She's a PLUR warrior on the front lines of humanity's fight against bullshit. And she's covered in bead magick, from head to toe.

Each and every day of Ultra 2013, we'll be tracking down this raver celeb to snap a pic of her unique look and get the skinny on what's what with UMF, the PLUR nation, and more.

Look no further, Miami. You wanted Molly, and we've got her. 

Ultra 2013, Day One
Molly Casa hit the UMF grounds for day one dressed in a tribal headdress and almost nothing else. Radiating PLUR love, she was taking pictures with adoring kandi-clad fans when we finally caught up with her. Under the bright lights of the main stage, we spoke with her about inspirations, hopes for the scene, and her own PLUR-tastic mama.

She's been doing her thing on the rave scene for 12 years, serving as a beacon of peace, love, and vibrant color for all to see. This UMF, she's most looking forward to catching up with all the PLUR babies of the world, ready to pose for pictures and lend an uplifting word to anyone in need of a pick-me-up. So if you see Molly wandering, don't hesitate to say, "Hi!"

Ms. Casa tells us that her theme for this UMF is "tribal, because of the prophecy of fire, which says humanity is at a crossroads between materialism and destruction." And yes, Molly believes she may be a leader among the Rainbow Warriors, a group of mystic game-changers foretold to help lead mankind toward a more peaceful, good-natured tomorrow.

Now, we're not sure if we believe in magical prophecies. But we do wholeheartedly believe that Molly is leading a revolution against mediocre titty decoration.

Oh, and that older lady, hanging with Ms. Casa, taking flicks? That's her real-life mother, who couldn't be more proud of her beaded offspring.

"I think it's awesome," she says of her daughter's scene fame. "I love that she lends herself to it. People need a role model in this particular setting. She lives the PLUR lifestyle. Every day of her life, she lives it."

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