Ultra 2013: Ten Best Butts

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

The status quo, namely the prudish American population's stance on public nudity, has never favored the exhibitionist.

At Ultra Music Festival, however, the status quo is tossed out the beat-freaking window, along with its attendees' sense of shame.

And while it may seem that the men were wearing the least amount of clothing this past weekend at Ultra, some very confident women also paraded around Miami's biggest electronic dance music party wearing little more than dental floss and body paint.

From the tanned and toned to the natural and droopy, these are some of the best female butts from Ultra 2013.

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Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Good morning, Sunshine

Here comes the sun. And almost a full moon!

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Furry Butts

This gal knows everyone would've judged her if she hadn't matched her furry boots to her butt.

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Bayfront Park

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

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Garrett Jones
Garrett Jones

I gotta say, a lot of those butts weren't too impressive :/

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