Ten Coolest Things about the Trendy Truck, a Full Fashion-Mobile on Wheels

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Everyone knows what a food truck is, but what the hell's a fashion truck? Instead of adding more calories to your diet with fatty snacks on wheels, the Trendy Truck is bringing fashion to the streets. It's South Florida's newest traveling boutique with stuff to wear that ranges from ten to 150 bucks.  

Last night, at C&I Studios, we put down our fried mac and cheese indulged in the fat-free Trendy Truck. What follows are ten ways the this vehicle is a fashionistas dream come true. 

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10. It's family oriented.
What better than to buy from a legit family-owned business? The Trendy Truck was started by mother and daughter, Brenda Hunter and Sydney Edwards. Hunter was inspired after reading about an LA mobile clothing store, and immediately showed her daughter. That's sweeter than anything you'd get on some sticky food truck!

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9. The truck was formerly used in the military.
The Trendy Truck was not just any old truck Edwards and Hunter stumbled upon. Edwards' godfather, who was an Army reservist, gave the ladies a former military EMT truck. Eight thousand in decoration bucks later, it is now the Trendy Truck, complete with lights, new floor, chandelier, drawers, mirror ceiling, and dressing room. Which brings us to our next cool fact...

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The truck disrobing. 
8. There is a dressing room.
Forget about guessing about your size, there's an actual dressing room, complete with its own mirror, in the truck. Perfect for quickly trying on an item while you're in a rush, or for trying on every single item on the truck (Trust us, you'll want to). But if the dressing room is full, there is always the next awesome fact...

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C&I Studios

541 NW 1st Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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